Saturday, May 5, 2012

For all our Widget Fans. You will want to see this

I was going to write about today’s milestone, but decided to share it in pictures instead. Since many of you have shared with us our journey with Widget, we feel pictures in this case speak louder than anything I could write. So, here we go.
Step 1-The dress

 Step 2-Add shoes

Step 3-Her date arrives in a limo

Step 4-And he gave he a beautiful corsage
Step 5- He even has the matching boutonniere
 Step 6-Have her date's brother and his date  step out of the limo for the group shot

Step 7- The gorgeous couples (Widget is on the right)

Step 8- They are off for Prom Night 2012.

For the record, I adore her date. He dotes on her, tells her regularly she is beautiful The look on his face when he saw her was priceless, he was speechless. 
 I am sure M is not thrilled, but Widget does not have a curfew this night, it is her rite of passage, it a night she fought for that just a year ago she never believed would occur.  Hopefully it is a night she will remember forever. I am sure M’s wallet will remember it for a long long time (laughs).
Despite the lack of a curfew her date made a point of letting us know he would not keep her out all night and would treat her as she should be. At this point I cried as the limo carried her away to the Prom.


  1. I hope she had a wonderful time she will remember forever. She is beautiful. M's wallet will recover, and he will be happy to have spent the big bucks. In fact, I don't think it bothered him a bit. Guys just like to complain. Congratulations, NTW and mother.

  2. Congratulations she looks fab and that is a gorgeous dress. You all must be so proud of her

  3. Aww she looks gorgeous!!! You have every right to be bursting with pride. Congratulations on helping this young lady through this rite of passage. Very nice photos!