Monday, August 27, 2012

A short rant

So, while, I have made no secret that there are times I want a relationship with C. There are days like today, where I am thankful I don’t because I would probably bitch slap her. Ok, rant all over.

As a side note at least once a day I usually want to bitch slap someone, Thank goodness I have self control, and don’t act on my impulses.



  1. I've been telling people kind of what I really feel lately. Gee, they don't like it. Told a 40 yr old welfare woman for life who has 5 kids age 20-24 who has welfare, rent subsidies, food stamps, free medical, utility discounts, etc, in other words more money than I do, that she doesn't need more money; she needs a money management class and self-control. Told young mothers they should not be putting pictures of themselves breastfeeding on Facebook, and to depend more on the doctors and science than intuition. Got a dozen people jumping on me at one time and went back at all of them. Pissed them all off. Good.

  2. There's nothing wrong with telling the truth. It will make the person mad, but maybe they will learn something. Too many people walk on egg shells afraid to "offend" someone. Since when did "offending" become a capital crime?