Friday, March 30, 2012

a quick update

This one is really short because it is nearly 2:00 a.m., and I am having problems with my gallbladder hating me, so I am on massive pain meds tonight. But wanted to post a quick note.

I am working on what I think is going to be a good post, and hopefully create a good discussion because I do want to hear what other think about the topic of "first impressions and how our perception of what we take in visually dictates our reactions and/or opionion of others.

I have been thinking about that for a while now, and know that because work has been crazy, and settling into the new house has left little time for anything else, I have not had a chance to really post anything lately.

I am trying to get my life a tad bit more organized so I can post more again. Thanks to the meds for the gall bladder making my a tad loopy, it means I will be home mostly for the next few days because I can't drive, I hopefully can catch up.

Widget it doing very well, passed all her classes this term, and has a secret admirer at school. He was sending her candy and cards etc. Even had one of the school adminstrators helping him. He is no longer a secret and they are starting to get to know each other. He is even going to help her with math.
We are realy glad this one seems like a really nice young man. I will be posting on that in the new few days as well.

On a sadder note, last week one of my kitties passed away. I had her ten years. She went into kidney failure and had pancretis. Her body temp was way to low, as was her heart rate. The vet informed us even with intense treatment, she doubted faith's heart would withstand the treatment, and it would only prolong her suffering. So, one week ago today, I held my precious hope while she closed her eyes for the last time. Despite how weak and sick she was, she purred up to the very end.  I am still not over it and find myself looking in her cat bed for her still.

And now that I am done rambling, I wanted to say I ave missed talking to you even if it is through a computer, I am thankful for your friendship.