Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick personal goal update

Since June 26th I have lost a grand total of 32 pounds and now run an averae of 5 to 7 miles per day. I am down two jean's sizes and the down size to losin weight is I lose boob size so I am down a size there to.

Prior to me deciding to change how and what I eat, and to push myself to work harder to do the rim to rim, M would out do me at the gym most of the time. Now I can say this with all the love in my heart, M is a SLACKER!!! Example today I did six and a half miles and he did alittle over two. Granted his legs hurt and knees are bothering him so I will give him a break for today, but ummm how about the last two weeks when I've consistantly out ran him. HAHAHA SLACKER.

Ok sorry couldn't resist, I've called him a slacker everywhere else so might as well here. And yes I understand this means war, we are competitive like that. So he will soon out do me again which will push me to do more so I can continue to call him a slacker. *LOL*

Another rant

Forgive the rant. I promise to post something worthwhile soon. However, my right hand is casted due to a torn tendon in my thumb so typing is a bit difficult. I see the surgeon on Monday to see if the swelling is down enough for him to schedule the surgery so I can have two working hands again.

But back to the rant, M and I decided to help someone we knew and rent a room to her until January. The agreement was clear, it is set amount per month, buy your own food and understand I am OCD about clean (IE DO NOT leave dishes in my sink, put them in the dishwasher, clean up after yourself, etc. And understand I am on a strict diet, I follow in order to eat healthier. I am also an insomniac who wakes up very easily, so when I am asleep be frigging quiet because once I am awake, I usually cannot go back to sleep.

Needless to say, she has not followed a single house rule, is eating us out of house and home, and insists on keeping a light blaring at night after I go to bed that shines into our room which means sleep is practically not happening for me. She leaves dishes in the sink routinely despite M and I both telling her it is my pet peeve and part of my OCD, I have also sat them  in her room, thrown a few away, and still she leaves them in the sink.

Despite all that it is not my biggest complaint. I am all for social networking, heck I have this blog, but seriously on Facebook for example, she manages to post some picture or comment approximately every 60 seconds. It was so bad, we un-followed her because I never saw anything else. This upset her. Really, I log on to Facebook once in a while to catch up and say hi to friends who despite us living in the same city do not see each other often. Our adult children also tend to post really cute pictures of my grandchildren from time to time. And yes I even occasionally farm though I have not done so in months.

In addition, some of you I do consider friends and look forward to meeting you face to face one day. In saying that I must say that I have a reality issue, other than a small handful of people, I need face to face contact for a friendship to blossom etc.  Again there are exceptions to every rule (IE BC MUM). Yet this woman will interject herself into conversations and it appears she starts every conversation with “The person I chat with from whatever site). From the time she wakes up until she goes to bed she is online. And frankly I do not get it.

Oh wait it gets better. Today M and I were enjoying a lazy day in bed while she was supposed to be at work. We were curled up in bed surrounded by our kitties and puppies, when suddenly she was here. She got laid off. This means and I would bet a paycheck she is not going to pay her rent because she is no longer working. This normally would not upset me, just get her evicted, however due to the thumb injury workman’s comp does not pay what I usually make.

To supplement my income and because it is a duty for all of us to vote and to make an educated choice as to whom was vote for. So, I am working for one of the campaigns, and offered said person a position. Granted the pay is awful and the hours or 2pm to 10pm but it is a job for someone who doesn’t have one. And she said no and will not go. Her reasoning is because she doesn’t know anything about the candidates. NOW I’m pissed.

She can spend up to twelve hours a day making back to back useless posts on Facebook but cannot take the time to read candidates platforms to make a decision on who to vote for. I even asked her how she was going to decide and her answer was she is not planning to vote. Well if you don’t vote then I don’t believe you can bitch about what our officials do or don’t do. But then again it is not something “someone she chats with” finds important.

This is not a young person, she is in her fifties and finds posting useless photos and talking to people she will never meet more important than taking an interest in the election or even getting out and talking to real people and experiencing life.

It reminds me of that car commercial where that young girl signs her parents up for a social networking site and is upset they have only a handful of friends, and the camera goes to the parents out having fun while she is at home scanning photos on the site.

Really, how can you have such a lack of interest in reality, and lack of desire to at least have some form of income coming in.  I guess she things M and I will just sit back on the first of the month and let her not paying her share slide. If she was making an effort to find work, we might, but to sit online and make no effort and even flat out refuse a job even a temporary one because you don’t like the hours. Seriously, I am not that understanding. Our pregnant daughter is even working for the campaign to earn extra money for her household, and because she is my daughter and is passionate about what she believes in.

Ok, I am done ranting and now my hand hurts again.

I will try to post a more intelligent informative post in the coming days. Again I am passionate about some areas of this years election, but do not want to ruffle feathers if we disagree on what party is better suited, so I will think of something that is not me blowing a gasket.

Thanks for listening and BC Mum, we miss ya. Hope all is well with you, your husband and your furbabies. I was going to call you a few days ago, but realized my phone ate your number, so when you get a chance give us a call.