Sunday, February 17, 2013

We're back or at least hope we are

I am very sorry we both have been MIA for the past few months. A lot has been going on with us and most nights by the time we finish what life says we have to do each day, we fall into bed exhausted.

I have always been very active politically as it is one of my passions. As such I have been starting to structure my professional career in order to finally fulfill my life long goal of working in politics. In addition I have been doing a lot of volunteering within the political arena. I strongly believe in the items I support and oppose and I am pretty vocal about it. Currently it is mental health reform for personal reasons. My mother has suffered from mental illness my entire life so I know firsthand some of the problems with the health system in regard to mental health, as well as how society views those who have been diagnosed with a mental health disease.

My other passion is education. Our children need and deserve better education and a chance to compete in a global workforce when they are out of school. Sadly we are not preparing our children for this. Therefore we are falling behind and our children are the ones who will and do suffer. I believe pre-school like kindergarten should be mandatory for all children and that it has to be accessible and affordable for ALL families. But enough about my politics.

On top of all of that, over the last several months I have determined I miss having children in the home. Of course this contradicts our decision to not have children. And I do not want to have a baby. However, there are millions of children in foster care looking for a permanent home. So, that is something M and I are exploring with no definite decisions being made. Especially considering my career goals will eventually lead me across the county to Washington.  We are discussing our options and how we will deal with the changes in my career etc.

All of our four legged babies are doing well, and last week we added another puppy to our family. M found him running down a busy street and saved him. He has not been chipped and no one has reported him missing. As such it appears he has joined our family. Considering he was filthy and underweight, we imagine he was probably dumped. He is a Maltese poodle mix and the vet estimates he is about 8 months old. He has made himself right at home and loves to cuddle up with me and the other babies each night. He also gets very excited when M is here.

With everything else going on I am still going to the gym daily and at least three days a week I am going twice a day. I have muscles that hurt that I did not even know I had (laughs). However, I am down 62 pounds since June. I find the gym helps me work off stress so I do not yell at everyone. And I am sure it is a major reason why I am sleeping better at night. I am too tired to do anything else

Again I apologize for not posting sooner and will do my best to check in with updated more often. I have also let M know he needs to check in. How is everyone else doing?